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Sixth Realm Interactive Media is based in Toronto, Canada and we offer full range of creative, online services, from design to development, mobile-friendly implementations, WordPress customization and iPhone/iPad development.

What is Sixth Realm?

Sixth Realm Interactive Media is a fresh and dynamic company dedicated to providing you new solutions for your business’ web presence. We continuously strive to help improve the way you conduct your day-to-day business by delivering innovative web solutions and multimedia products. For this we leverage the expertise of our highly skilled and broadly experienced team of programmers, designers and user experience specialists.

With our pooled knowledge-base in these areas, this empowers us to approach the most pressing needs of our clients with ease and diligence . If it’s either high technology or aesthetics, you’ll see the dedication and soul that our team puts in for any project.

Whether it is website design, custom coding or mobile development, we know the importance of web presence. We also do an amazing conversion job and provide excellent customer service. Which is why our website designs are leading the way in the industry. Every website we create is unique, professional , and visually appealing according to our client’s requirement and developed to the newest standards.

We also provide an outstanding customer services. While working with us, they will be with you from the moment you called to the moment they deliver you the complete solution. We are always appreciative when we get words from you. So whether you need a native iOS application or a stunning website design, we’re the team you turn to.

We are currently accepting new projects, so if you need a user friendly, cross browser compatible and web standards compliant website that helps you to grow your business, get in touch.

Our Arsenal

Would you like to see how Sixth Realm can help you today? Take a look at the many different services we offer and you will see that it pays to let us help you with your online presence today. Whatever your web design and development needs, you can get it all in one spot when you choose us as your provider today.

You need a developer that is qualified, prepared to meet even the highest of demands and compassionate and caring of your needs and your own vision for your web site. You need a company that will not treat you like just another number but instead will work one on one with you to meet your needs in the best way possible.

Some of what we offer…

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Our Accomplishments


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